Kit Carson County, Colorado     T11S R50W
Anschutz Seismic Prospect Evaluations
Windmill Prospect
Three seismic prospects where evaluated for the Anschutz Corporation and predictions
made before drilling. In each case the seicmic had identified the Morrow channel cut and
the drilling confirmed the channel. All three were predicted as dry holes prior to drilling.
Both Speaker and East Bledsoe were predicted as dry holes with shows based on their
proximity to small anomalies.
East Bledsoe Prospect
Speaker Prospect
The Windmill prospect well location was not supported by the geochemistry, however,
good locations were identified north and south of the drilling location by this iodine survey.
The East Bledsoe Prospect (T12S R50W) well location has an anomaly that is both small
in magnitude and size but was enough to predict a show well. The dry hole did have a
small show in the Morrow.
The Speaker Prospect well location (T12S R51W), like East Bledsoe, has a small anomaly
indicating a possible show well. Again the dry hole did have a small show in the Morrow.
Seismic lines are indicated in purple.
East Bledsoe Prospect Well Location
Speaker Prospect Well Location
Windmill Prospect Well Location
GrayStone Exploration Labs, Inc.
GrayStone Exploration Labs, Inc.