Second Wind Oil Field
The Second Wind Oil Field was discovered in 1988. An iodine survey of this area was completed in 1989
before the field was completely developed. A second, more detailed survey, of the northern two sections
was completed in 2008. The two surveys were combined using a linear transformation method. Even
 the two surveys were nearly twenty years apart the iodine data is still compatible. The area of
strong anomalies in section 18 corresponds with the better wells while the spotty pattern in section 13
matches the declining production of these wells.
Second Wind is part of the State Line trend in the Morrow channel sands. The State line trend has the
unmistakable look of a river channel system and has produced over 100 million barrels of oil. Second
Wind, covering about 1000 net acres has produced more than 19 million barrels of oil.
Cheyenne County, Colorado  T16S R42W, R41W
GrayStone Exploration Labs, Inc
GrayStone Exploration Labs, Inc